Established since 1997, Aneka Glass Sdn. Bhd. has focused on providing "One Stop Glass Source" and valuable advise for Interior Design & Architectural glass application.

We are confident in ensuring our customer in obtaining value for money products by carefully selecting our business associates who specialized in various range of products.

As most glass cannot be classified as a finish product unless and until it is properly installed and the aspect of the installation process is extremely important. By carefully scrutinizing, we have selected the best installation teams who are well trained and skilled to accomplish the task.

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In view of the unlimited desires in the world of art and design, Aneka Glass Sdn. Bhd. will continue to work hard and make every effort to break through and satisfy the customer's need.

In the year 2001, Aneka Glass has ventured into Resin Laminating Process. Since then, about two million Malaysia Ringgit of capital has been invested in machineries and research and development.

We are now manufacturing a wide series of architectural, interior design and high security performance laminated glassess.

Aneka Glass is proud to be one of the market leader in this region for producing security glass such as Crime Prevention Glass, Anti-bandit glass, bullet resistant glass, anti blast glass and other art glass.



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